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Pip's Kitchen

Pip's Kitchen produces gluten free condiments using locally sourced produce wherever possible.  There is also a rustic catering service which again uses locally sourced ingredients. 

Pip's Kitchen is also available for hire.

You can find Pip's Kitchen at the Oxford, Ohoka and Waipara farmers markets

Company: Pip's Kitchen
Contact: Philippa Douglas
Address: 81 Percival Street, Rangiora
Telephone: 03 313 9154
Email: [email protected]

Produce Available

All Year round

Toasted Seeds & Nuts - 200 packets per month
Lemon & Lime Curd - 50 jars per month
Sun-dried Tomato & Hazelnut Pesto 100 jars per month
Tapenade - 20 jars per month

Summer & Autumn

Minty Lime Vinaigrette - 300 bottles per month


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